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Engineers awards  

In order to encourage the responsible and high-quality performance of our members, the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers introduced in 2002 the Award of Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, presented for engineering accomplishments.





The awards of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers are presented to individuals for their unique engineering accomplishment, for their successive accomplishments within a certain period of time, and for their lifetime achievements. The awards are international and are presented annually at the Day of Engineers. This award is becoming increasingly important for Slovenian society in terms of:
- good practice promotion,

- good practice implementation,

- improving the quality of spatial planning and construction of buildings,

- knowledge and expertise promotion,

- promoting interdisciplinary cooperation between various professions in the process of planning, developmentand construction,
- accepting the responsibility for suggested and performed solutions,

- improving the quality of built structures when it comes to meeting the objectives of sustainable development and construction.






In order to promote innovative approaches in the engineering industry, the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers introduced the Innovation Award in 2007. The award is presented for an innovative construction project, whereby we wish to emphasize the importance of innovation in the development of construction, based on the principles of sustainability. Our efforts to increase the culture of construction by taking responsibility, by acting professionally, by offering quality services and being creative were thus supplemented by innovation which shall make the engineering industry even more important.